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taught by Olenka Cullinan

Course description

Welcome to iStartFirst Community Ladies! 

I know you have been worried about your finances before...we all have. It's no surprise that women live longer and hold 80% of buying power. Yet, we either struggle with finances in general or struggle to manage them even if we make enough! 

So welcome to your chance to Start First: start taking control of your financial future and your business/life strategies with a community designed for women by women! 

What We Are

iStartFirst Financial is founded on 3 Pillars: Community. Connection. Education. 

Community: You will have an opportunity for in-person monthly meet ups (in Phoenix, AZ - other locations coming soon) and in-person monthly virtual meet ups to chat, question, ponder and hype with other women in the community. They are joining from all over the country and globally! Because Tribe makes everything better and we all crave REAL connections! *BONUS: you will be able to invite 1 FREE guest to meet ups and if they join into the community, you will both receive $20 OFF that month (win-win!) 

Monthly Virtual Meetups : 530-630pm MST, every last Wednesday of the Month 

Connection: You will develop personal relationships via monthly coaching with myself, other experts and financial advisors via monthly virtual coffee chats! Our goal is to shower you with a MASSIVE amount of value, nurture you into success and give you a swift push to level up when needed :) 

Education: 52 weeks (12 months!) of relevant, bite-sized, exciting financial content (everything that college or parents didn't teach you) with tips, strategies and short-cuts included. Lessons are delivered weekly, so you don't get overwhelmed (as we want you to take ACTION!) Plus hands on steps to apply your knowledge. (I mean, you would want to live it, right?) And of course, there will be friendly competitions, giveaways and surprises - we are know as SparkleTribe after all! 

Wait! As if all of this wasn't enough - your membership also includes a low-fee, online, personalized Investment Tool - to test everything you learned and APPLY it with your money. 

What We Are Not 

There will be no uncomfortable questions, in-app purchases, weird buttons or random comments. Just Love. Support. Nurture. And Push to Level Up!

Take Control of Your Future Now & Meet You inside the Community! 

Now, do you see WHY we are so excited to share this journey with you? It's no fun to be alone at the top, so we need you all up there, cheering, celebrating and sparkling with us. Making IMPACT AND INCOME! Sign Up Today & Sparkle Up!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When do the monthly in person meetings (in Phoenix, AZ) take place? Monthly in person meetings are held between 530-7pm MST on the last Wednesday of every month. Our initial meeting will take place on January 29th. (Yes, we do plan to expand in person meetings to other states in the near future). 

When do the monthly virtual meetings (globally) take place? Monthly virtual Zoom meetings are held between 12-130pm MST on the second Wednesday of every month. Our initial meeting will take place on February 12th. *You will receive Zoom link upon registration. 

When is my monthly membership fee due? Monthly subscription fees are automatically deducted on the 1st of the month. 

Where do the meetings take place? We are hosting our first several meetings at the beautiful Waterfront bustling at CorePath Wealth Partners' office - 7114 E. Stetson Dr, #205, Scottsdale AZ 85251. 

Who should join the iStartFirst Community? We firmly believe that all women need to have control of their financial future and be empowered to live life on their terms. Our monthly speakers are experts and influencers from diverse backgrounds. We welcome all women who want to start because whether you are a business owner, stay-at-home mother, student or entrepreneur you want to have IMPACT and INCOME! 

(You can preview the curriculum below & join in) 

Privacy Policy: We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose personal information collected by our site to third parties in the ordinary course of business. You can read learn more about our Privacy Policy here.

Olenka  Cullinan
Olenka Cullinan
Founder, iStartFirst

Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Bossbabes Coach, Olenka Cullinan inspires women to stop preparing and start doing via online Bootcamp, #iStartFirst Bossbabes Summit, as well as delivering keynotes & workshops nationally. Her 12-month #iStartFirst online Bootcamp is designed to inspire ambitious women to Up-level their business and mindset, overcome their self-doubts, expand on their purpose and gain accountability from other women - aka the "Sparkle Tribe. " Olenka's hands-on, crisp and contemporary workshops for companies serve as a catalyst to empowering more women leaders in the marketplace. Having moved to the US with $450 in her pocket, Olenka has lived through about every “I-can-never-be-successful-because” excuse a human can make. She teaches Women Leaders to stop preparing for the perfect moment and start doing instead.